Mic Handz is now on Toronto Radio

After a successful trip to Toronto during the 2016 All-Star Weekend Mic Handz met up with a great friend and radio personality Steph Dash Nash and sat down for an incredible interview on her show THE UNDERGROUND EXPRESS on MaximumFM Radio.. After the incredible afternoon of work and socializing and a great plate of Italian food a reporte was created and we went on to brainstorm the idea of bringing a Mic Handz show to the station and at that moment TAPEDECKS & TIMBOS Radio was born!!!! Tune in for authentic Hip Hop old and New every Tuesday night 11pm-12am
Mic Handz, Sadat X and Tragedy Khadafi have reached their point..

In Mic Handz journey to create the perfect golden era influenced collaboration album he has reached out to a couple of his favorite emcees of all time Tragedy khadafi and Sadat X to help him paint a vivid picture about about life and those moment and times where enough is enough and your ready to move forward and have better then yesterday. Everyone at some point in any journey reach that moment that point where turning back is no longer an option and the finish line is far closer then your start. Mic ventures to depict his journey through this music scape as he catalogs his loses and gains his sacrifices and the sacrifices of those that love him or that have attempted to love him all while witnessing his relentless struggle to reach his magnum opus.
ALLHIPHOP.COMs Top 50 Emerging Emcees

In the close of 2013 Mic Handz was honored by ALLHIPHOP.COM as one of Hip Hops most promising artist to watch in the coming year. Not only did Mic Handz and the other 49 incredible emcees get the honor of being featured on the #1 hip hop site in the game but they all were featured on the legendary WAKE UP SHOW with SWAY, TECH and DJ REVOLUTION on Sirius Satellite radio then after that as if that wasnt enough a group of listers ventured to Texas for the SXSW festival in Austin TX and Performed on the ALLHIPHOP.COM/MONSTER audio stage at club LIT on the legendary 6th street in the heat of the festival. (Mic Handz was later removed from the list due to personal differences with the media)
Mic Handz handles business: I try to do more and think less -MicHandz

In our annual end-of-the-year feature, we always ask hip-hop artists what their plans are for the coming year. Most have a few, Brooklyn rapper Mic Handz had plenty. Besides his recent mixtape SAYYOUAINTKNOW with legends such as Big Daddy Kane, Treach, Sean Price, and Tha Rockness a.o., Handz has got a lot more on his hands and sleeves. To name a few: T.H.E.M. Recordings, Alter Unit crew, a clothing line, video production, and -back on a music tip- an EP with Sean P and Jaz-O in the works. We all took an oath to stay focused and diligent in our pursuits., Mic Handz explains his work ethic...

Mic Handz got a call from Robin “BAMBUE”Gibson and was told that he had better come out and make and appearance to support her and her.

incredible new production team Jokey Entertainment at a Barber Shop Location in Queens,NYC. According to Mic handz he was in the midst of wrapping up a recording session at his Carnegie Deli Recording Studios in Brooklyn but he gave her his word that he would come out to support.When Mic Handz asks for a bit more background on the event Bambue goes on to support her request by saying that in the spirit of the infamous BET cypha Jokey Ent and JetLag were gathering all of the Emcees in the NYC that were aggressively making head way in the industry and seemed the most promising for 2012..........

Thanks to AlterProd and Alterbeats and Dj Modesty Mic Handz has found himself launched head first into the true Hip-Hop scene of the European Market. Mic Handz has found himself keeping company with the likes of SAIGON, ILL GHEE, SHABAAM SAHDEEQ, SMOOTHE DA HUSTLER, LARGE PROFESSOR, HAVOC, RUSTE JUXX AND SADAT X AND MANY MORE. Mic Handz assists Shabaam Sahdeeq on the currently Number 4 on local New York Video shows  video and single \'OFF THE LEASH\' produced by AlterBeats which also has  30,000+ views on YouTube and the Mic Handz appears again on the show with the Dj Modesty assisted and AlterBeats produced \'IN THE STREETS AGAIN\' which has a stellar video to follow..........

This month Mic Handz was featured on a double cover of the French digital publication HIP HOP BREATH along side fellow NYC emcee SKYZOO talking about life culture and the journey that got us where we are going and the memories we  along the way. On Feb 7th 2017 HIP HOP BREATH NY came to the celebrity studded album release party for HELL ON MY BACK: HEAVEN IN MY WAKE at the infamous TOCA TUESDAY event with TONY TOUCH and special guest DJ EASY MOE BEE as Cielo.
Going For Top 5: Mic Handz & Crazy DJ Bazarro Serenade feat. Lee Majors (Narcata Records)

Brand new heatrock from BK representatives Mic Handz and Crazy DJ Bazarro of Dysfunkshunal Familee"Serenade" is a dedication to those hardrock females as Mic Handz and Lee Majors of Da Bush Babees break down the science over Bazarro's soulful chops. The B-Side "Take A Look At My Life" hardens the vibe as Mic Handz spits the real on how he is living over another furious Bazarro track. Look out for the Mic Handz & Crazy Bazarro EP coming soon.